The word Novamen is derived from the Latin word meaning "a new method, idea or product." The English equivalent for this word would be innovation. Innovation and creative thinking have driven the technological advances of the past 100 years. From Thomas Edison’s General Electric to Bill Gates’ Microsoft, new methods, ideas and products are consistently reshaping the way we live our lives. In order to live up to our name, and represent this innovative spirit, we search for superior, innovative products and services to meet and exceed the needs of our customers.

Novamen is a privately held company and was started in 2010. With over 30 years of combined knowledge and experience in these markets, the founders are building the company with the intention of offering products and services to industrial clients that go beyond those of traditional chemical companies. Operating in Alberta, our focus is primarily to industrial, oil, natural gas and mining industries throughout Canada.

While we are at our core, a chemical manufacturing and distribution company, our products and services are designed to create value for our clients. We do this by taking the time to truly understand our customers’ requirements and to then tailor our products and services to meet these needs.

Our Core Philosophies

Core Purpose – Creating Value through Innovation;

Core Ideology – Novamen exists to serve our customers unparalleled value by striving to identify the unmet challenges they encounter and solving these obstacles through innovative products and services. When we do this, we see ourselves as being a valued partner to our clients that transcends traditional client/supplier relationship. By focusing on what our customers need, we add value to their business and as a result, build lasting partnerships. Novamen is committed to being socially responsible, and as citizens of Planet Earth commit to being environmentally responsible by looking for ways to reduce or eliminate waste in everything we do. We adhere to a code of ethics that places a significant and inherent value on the happiness and wellbeing of all people. By staying true to our core ideologies we believe that we can help make the world a better place for those living here now and for the many generations to come.