Clearance Products

NovaSol 400 (Paraffin Remover/Asphalt Controls)

Paraffin Remover

NOVASOL 400 offers a single source solution to production problems caused by paraffin and asphaltene. It is a solvent, dispersant, crystal modifier and inhibitor all in one. NOVASOL 400 removes significantly more paraffin/asphaltene than traditional solvents, keeps suspended paraffin in solution longer and inhibits paraffin deposition through its crystal modifier effects. The special blending of aromatic and aliphatic... Read More

Formic Acid

Formic acid is an environmentally friendly organic acid that is used as a biocide, a descaler, a preserver for animal feed, and even in pharmaceuticals and leather processing. Formic acid is used in oilfield applications to dissolve calcium carbonate, and is a preferred descaler for many stainless steel descaling applications. Novamen supplies formic acid in 1000L totes, 205L drums, and 20L pails. Contact us today to learn more!

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NovaSol T101 and T102

Heavy Duty Degreaser

NovaSol T101 and T102 are ready-to-use heavy duty solvent-based degreasers. They quickly dissolve petroleum based contaminants such as tar, oil, grease bitumen, and asphaltene; they dry slowly and rinse freely. NovaSol T101 and T102 are made from biodegradable surfactants, are deodorized and phosphate free. Both are excellent degreasers for the oilfield and heavy industrial cleaning applications.... Read More

Magnesium Chloride

Dust Control Product

Magnesium Chloride is a commonly used product for dust control. Typically blended with water at concentrations between 24-30%, Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. It binds dust particles together keeping roads stabilized, slowing the loss of aggregate and reducing the need for regrading. It is an environmentally preferred compound... Read More