Health, Safety and the Environment


Novamen Inc. believes that environmental sustainability is more than a mere choice, it is a mindset. That is why at Novamen, we have built our corporate culture on a foundation that consists of environmentally friendly chemical products that have been tested to the highest of industry standards. We strive to maintain the highest degree of integrity, from production to sales and everything in between. We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to reduce or eliminate waste in everything we do; and by placing an emphasis on our commitment to Planet Earth we are able to pass peace of mind on to our partners as well.


Novamen Inc. believes that environmental sustainability walks hand in hand with quality. At Novamen, we work hard to find the highest quality products while still maintaining a competitive pricing structure. We abstain from cutting corners to minimize costs, and only do business with companies sharing our commitment to fair labour practices and dedication to quality. We believe that quality is an ongoing process and we owe our success to resolving problems and providing meaningful service based on our customer’s needs. Our mission is to allow continual improvement to our products and services and to have our name represent quality and reliability to our vendors, customers and our stakeholders.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is yet another aspect that comes in conjunction with our dedication to quality. Committing to deliver higher quality products means that more strenuous testing standards will be used which ensures that smaller trace amounts of harmful byproducts will be found within known safe products. Many of the products we supply can be provided to meet the highest of health and safety regulations, many are not regulated under WHIMIS, and some even meet food grade specifications.