NovaSol T101 and T102

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Heavy Duty Degreaser

NovaSol T101 and T102 are ready-to-use heavy duty solvent-based degreasers. They quickly dissolve petroleum based contaminants such as tar, oil, grease bitumen, and asphaltene; they dry slowly and rinse freely. NovaSol T101 and T102 are made from biodegradable surfactants, are deodorized and phosphate free. Both are excellent degreasers for the oilfield and heavy industrial cleaning applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Slow drying solvents dissolve heavy petroleum-based contaminants quickly
  • Fortified surfactants loosen and remove stubborn dirt and grime
  • Ready-to-use formula requires no mixing
  • The removed contaminants will stay dispersed and be easily skimmed through an oil skimmer

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