Hydro Test Fluid Rental Services

Regulatory Information

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Shipping and Handling

Novamen's hydro testing fluid rental service is a great way for our customers to complete their winter hydro testing programs without the need to purchase and dispose of these fluids. We carry large volumes which are available for short, medium and long term rentals.

This service includes transportation to and from the test site, and can include tank rentals if needed. Several types of hydro testing fluids are available including propylene glycol, potassium acetate, methanol, and our own EcoTest 400.

EcoTest 400, was designed by Novamen and is non-toxic, non-hazardous and is fully compatible with water based hydro testing fluids such as propylene glycol. The product has been freeze tested for stability, and the fluid retains the ability to be easily pumped, even at -40º Celsius.

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Typical Physical Properties

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