NovaTherm IEG (Heat Transfer Fluid)

Regulatory Information

CAS NUMBER :       127-08-2
custom_permalink :       product/inhibited-ethylene-glycol-heat-transfer-fluid-2/

Shipping and Handling

Request product data sheet or MSDS for information related to specific safety concerns, shipping and handling.

NovaTherm IEG is chemically engineered using an inhibitor package containing phosphate, for ferrous metal protection, boron to maintain the reserve alkalinity at acceptable levels, and the non-ferrous metal inhibitor tolyltriazole for corrosion protection in an ethylene glycol base when used as an Industrial Heat Transfer Fluid. The chemistry employed will effectively protect your industrial equipment whether constructed of single or mixed alloys. The industrial corrosion control inhibitors included have been specially formulated to extend the service life of the coolant. Therefore, you will receive a higher level of reserve alkalinity, superior performance, and less maintenance requirements through re-inhibiting. These attributes improve your bottom line cost.

Typical Physical Properties

Specific Gravity : 1.065
pH : 9.5 (+/- .5)
Appearance : Clear, nearly colourless liquid