Regulatory Information

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Hazard Class :       3 (6.1)
Packing Group :       II
UN Number :       1230

Shipping and Handling

Flammable liquid, handle with care

With a freezing point of nearly -100º Celsius, methanol has become an industry standard for winter hydro-testing applications across Canada. Methanol is relatively inexpensive and is considered to be an effective option in dilutions as low as 30%. Novamen has methanol in a variety of mixtures including a large supply of 50% methanol-water mix. This 50% mixture is effective down to -50º Celsius and is perfect for most small to mid sized hydro-tests. Novamen can supply 50-50 methanol blend on rental basis and will handle everything from mobilization to on-site tank storage and filtration systems to demobilization and disposal (if needed).

Contact us today to see if methanol is right for you and to learn more about Novamen's other hydro test fluid options.

Typical Physical Properties