NovaSol 400 (Paraffin Remover/Asphalt Controls)

Regulatory Information

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Shipping and Handling

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Paraffin Remover

NOVASOL 400 offers a single source solution to production problems caused by paraffin and asphaltene. It is a solvent, dispersant, crystal modifier and inhibitor all in one. NOVASOL 400 removes significantly more paraffin/asphaltene than traditional solvents, keeps suspended paraffin in solution longer and inhibits paraffin deposition through its crystal modifier effects. The special blending of aromatic and aliphatic solvents with primary amines significantly increases the solvency effects of the product. Its superb solvency effects allow the product to remove significantly more paraffin/asphaltene as well as have a higher saturation point. It is designed to keep significantly more dissolved paraffin and asphaltene in solution. When the chemical is continuously present in the oil, the crystal modifier hinders the precipitation and deposition of paraffin and asphaltene, thus allowing you to keep your wells cleaner longer.

Typical Physical Properties

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