Potassium Formate

Regulatory Information

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Shipping and Handling

Novamen Inc. is a leading supplier of potassium formate in a variety of liquid concentrations as well as in dry flake form. With an extreme density of 1.57 and the ability to withstand temperatures up to 218ºC, potassium formate is an industry leading product for both drilling and heat transfer. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable and is available in 22.5 kg sacks (flake form) or in liquid formulations of up to 75%.

Potassium formate as a heat transfer fluid is an excellent alternative to calcium chloride and other brine solutions. It demonstrates a higher thermal efficiency and lower corrosion rate. Potassium formate, as compared to glycols, calcium chloride, and other brine solutions, should lower the leak and spillage rate, and reduce maintenance and repair costs on refrigerated systems.

Potassium formate as a drilling fluid:

  • Extends polymer thermal stability
  • Provides high-density solids-free brines
  • Is environmentally friendly
  • Has a low formation-damage quotient when used as reservoir drill-in fluid

As a source of potassium ions, potassium formate inhibits shale hydration, improving hole stability by exchanging potassium ions with the clay and shale. Potassium formate will provide temperature and bio-stability to starches, PACs and polymer and reservoir damage is minimized due to the low solids content of formate based drilling fluids. Potassium formate is also more lubricious than chloride analogues and can be used as the internal brine phase in invert-emulsion systems.

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Typical Physical Properties

Specific Gravity : 1.57
pH : 7.2
Appearance : Clear Liquid