Regulatory Information

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Shipping and Handling

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RYDALL CX is considered to be probably the most unique biodegradable crude deposit cleaner available! It is specifically designed for cleaning Crude oil eXchangers where Pyrophoric Iron Sulfides are present in the carbon-based process side deposits.

RYDALL CX can be used in Petroleum Refineries to clean critical process exchangers without having to pull the bundles or dismantle the exchanger.

RYDALL CX is a heavy-duty industrial degreaser that is water-soluble, non-solvent, and inhibited with surfactants. This chemistry makes it suitable for either mixing with water or with petroleum byproducts that are widely applied in safe chemical cleaning applications.

Highly concentrated, RYDALL CX is normally utilized in a diluted format, and typically heated to approximately 175º F/79.4º C. Critical factors for the success of chemical cleaning using RYDALL CX are to use it at the prescribed temperature, with adequate heat exchanger inlet and outlet diameters that ensure unobstructed solution flow and with the proper pump pressure to circulate the solution through the heat exchanger or equipment. When these conditions are met, the exchanger will be completely clean to its core.

Combine the best in safe chemical cleaning technologies by using RYDLYME Biodegradable Descaler to fully clean and descale the water-side of your exchangers. The result is complete cleaning, significantly reduced turnaround time and never pulling a bundle for cleaning again!

Typical Physical Properties

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