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Shipping and Handling

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RYDALL MP is a Medium-Duty Multi-Purpose surface degreaser and cleaner for industrial and commercial plants, facilities and households.

RYDALL MP removes oil, grease, soot, fat, grime, dirt, nicotine and all kinds of other pollutants from all types of surfaces. This strong, versatile and biodegradable degreaser comes in a highly concentrated, non-hazardous form and may be diluted to fit virtually any cleaning application.

RYDALL MP is a water-soluble, mineral oil-free, alkaline solution that contains specially modified additives for improved oil holding capacity, surface wetting and low foaming attributes. RYDALL MP Multi-Purpose degreaser is one of the strongest, non-solvent based, degreasers available on the market.

For extremely tough, stubborn stains, use RYDALL MP full strength and watch it penetrate under the residues on machines and equipment as it dissolves all the accumulated surface deposits. Yet, when diluted with water, it becomes a light-duty cleaner for a multitude of applications.

RYDALL MP can be used as an oil dispersant or an all-around detergent without harmful affects to: iron, steel, nonferrous metals, plastic, glass, paint, chrome, copper, brass, or other common water-washable surfaces. This versatile concentrate lasts far longer than other ready-to-use brands, making it a perfect fit for your industrial or janitorial supplies.

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