The HSE Issues of Dust, and Dust Control Products

The HSE Concerns of Dust Dust is a serious health, safety, and environmental hazard that can be mitigated easily with the right dust control strategy.  The causes of dust are many, yet while the hazards of some materials, like those with asbestos,…
What is Hydro Testing? | Novamen

What is Hydro Testing?

Hydrostatic testing (also known as “hydro-testing” or “pressure testing”) is the process of checking piping systems, gas cylinders, builders, and pressure vessels for strength and leakage. Hydrostatic testing is often seen after shutdowns…
Top Methods for Dust Suppression | Novamen Inc.

Top Methods for Dust Suppression

What is Dust Suppression? Dust suppression refers to the application of liquid used to control, remove, and/or prevent hazardous dust particles from a construction site.  Why Do We Need Dust Suppression? Construction operations often require…

How Does Oilfield Cementing Work?

What is Oilfield Cementing? Oilfield cementing is the procedure of developing and pumping cement into a wellbore. Cementing helps to protect and seal a wellbore. The Oilfield Cementing Process Whether it’s used for oil well drilling production…
Top Industrial Chemical Products of 2020 | Novamen

Top Industrial Chemical Products of 2020

Did you know that Canada’s chemistry industry is worth over $53 billion dollars (as reported by the Chemical Institute of Canada), making it one of the most powerful industries within the Canadian economy?  Industrial chemical products…
Effective Solutions for Hydrogen Sulfide | Novamen

Effective Solutions for Hydrogen Sulfide

What is Hydrogen Sulfide?  Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S/H ₂S) is a chemical compound produced as a result of the microbial breakdown of organic materials. It is a product created either naturally from decaying organic matter, or synthetically as…