How Drilling Fluids Work?

How Drilling Fluids Work? - Novamen

What are Drilling Fluids?

Drilling Fluids, also commonly referred to as ‘Drilling Muds’, are widely used in the exploration and recovery of natural resources such as oil and gas drilling operations. More specifically, drilling liquid solutions are heavy solvent mixtures specially formulated to assist in the cutting process of drilling operations.

What are some ways that drilling fluids may be able to assist with the process of drilling operations?  Read more


Why Is It Important to Have Dust Control on Work Sites?

truck carrying loads of dust control solution

Dust suppression is a crucial determining factor of the safety and security of those both inside and around a construction worksite. Not only can dust emission directly impact the results of the operation’s success, but workers mustering through laborious tasks in all types of weathering conditions are subjected to greater risk of hazardous scenarios if dust management is not properly looked after. Dust control is a highly important aspect of any construction project. However, the methods in which you choose to apply dust control products will also determine the results and impacts you are creating on the people, places, and even plants near the area. Read more


Roadway Dust Suppression 101

Heavy truck pours the road with water in the iron ore quarry. Dust removal, protection of the environment. Irrigation of the road from dust - Novamen

New construction can look messy until the dust settles. Dust on the job site not only looks unpleasant, but it also poses serious health risks. Before beginning the job, make sure that you hire experts for dust suppression.

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Novamen Inc announces our newest product line: RYDLYME and RYDALL

Novamen Inc is pleased to announce our newest product line, Apex Engineering’s revolutionary RYDLYME de-scaler and RYDALL de-greasers.  Water scale, lime, mud and rust deposits are a serious problem for virtually all industries who use water as an integral part of their manufacturing and heating/cooling processes. When your water-based equipment or systems become fouled with scale, efficiency decreases, energy costs increase and the useful life of equipment is diminished. Periodic RYDLYME cleaning will dissolve these deposits into solution, restoring efficiency, conserving energy, extending the equipment’s useful life and reducing the risk of costly repairs, replacement or plant downtime. Read more


Novamen donates to victims of Fort McMurray wildfires

Novamen Inc. announced today that the company has donated $10,000.00 dollars to the Canadian Red Cross Alberta Fires Appeal in support of the victims of the Fort McMurray fire. We have the privilege of working with many companies in the Oilsands and community of Fort McMurray and our thoughts go out to all of the families, business owners and first responders that have been affected by these fires.