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Flyaway dust is a “microscopic nuisance” which has a great chance of harming the people in or around the construction zone; especially when it comes to road maintenance which typically takes place in public areas where people often frequent. Consequently, flyaway dust poses an even greater risk for the personnel working the construction site, whom are oftentimes working with heavy machinery or tools that require precise eye vision. That’s why it is especially important that you choose the right dust control products to work with when it comes to construction and road maintenance. With so many dust abatement and stabilization products available in today’s market, how do you go about choosing the best ones? 

If you are looking for the most up-to-date and reliable dust control products in the market, look no further. Novamen’s selection of high performance solutions for road maintenance and tips on how to choose the right dust control products are as follows:

Opt for Environmentally Friendly Dust Control Products

Maintenance of dust control on work sites and surrounding roads is crucial for the health and safety of anyone who may come close to the work site area; this includes the plants and vegetation which may be inhabiting close by the construction zone

One of the most important features which project managers look for when it comes to dust control products is whether or not the solution is labelled as environmentally friendly: 

Magnesium Chloride 

Magnesium Chloride is commonly used for road dust suppression and is an extremely popular choice among project managers as an effective dust control product within the construction industry. As an environmentally friendly dust control compound, magnesium chloride is typically used in sensitive watershed and wetland locations and won’t disturb the natural habitants and other organics located in or around the construction zone.

Nova DCP-Enviro

Nova DCP-Enviro is a chloride-free, environmentally friendly and biodegradable dust control product. This solution is freeze-conditioned to work well throughout any weather condition, including weather that is down to -30º Celsius. 

Magnesium Chloride and Nova DCP-Enviro are some of Novamen’s environmentally friendly products formulated so that the solution(s) used will not harm vegetation or animal life near the application. Subsequently, construction workers can use these dust control products without worrying about harming the animals and plants when working, especially if the work sites will be taking place near wetlands and other areas of environmental sensitivity.

Other Ingredients Used in Dust Control Products

Magnesium Chloride 

Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic compound, which means that it can bind dust particles together to help keep roads stabilized during the operation. The ingredients used in this compound can even slow down the loss of aggregate by attracting moisture from the air, resisting against evaporation, and reducing the overall need for regrading.

Nova DCP-Enviro

Nova DCP-Enviro’s ingredients excludes chloride, and in fact contains a surfactant (additives used to treat the water by changing its surface tension, allowing it to wet better and penetrate through hydrophobic materials) which provides optimum water wetting characteristics. This solution also makes use of humectants to draw moisture from the air to help with the reduction of dust as you work away. 

Nova DCP-Enviro also contains only low concentrations of salt compounds. This helps to minimize the effects of solid remnants being left over at the work site once the construction project has been completed, making it an ideal project for road maintenance as there is minimal clean-up required afterwards.

Cost Efficiency and Product Quality Assurance

Novamen takes pride in our latest and greatest formulas in the market for dust control. Our company’s aim has always been and will always be to offer rates that you can count on, so you can turn your projects around in time and get even more work done more efficiently. In addition, we promise to provide you with the highest quality of solutions so that you may effectively control dust and stabilize the roads as you work, at ease.

If you are interested in purchasing Magnesium Chloride or the Nova DCP-Enviro, please fill out this form to request a quote with us to learn about the best rates in the market for these products today. 

For More Information on Dust Control Products

All in all, dust suppression is a top priority in almost any construction project, and dust control products are a pivotal contribution to the safety, security and success of any construction project. Novamen Inc. proudly brings innovative solutions to help you achieve this – click here to read more about our state-of-the-art solutions and innovative answers to dust control now. 

Novamen Inc. Is Here to Help

To learn more Novamen’s recommended solutions for dust control, please visit our product catalogue listing by clicking here. You may also wish to visit our blog article on “Roadway Dust Suppression 101” to learn more about how construction dust works and how dust can be controlled more effectively. 

If you have any further questions or would like to speak with a dust control product specialist today, contact Novamen directly via email (info@novamen.ca) or you may reach us through our toll-free number at 1-833-348-5956. Novamen Inc. is happy to provide you with the customer care, resources and information you’ll need to ensure a smooth operation.

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