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Tri-Ethylene Glycol

Tri-Ethylene Glycol or TEG is a colourless, slightly viscous liquid with a mild odour. It has lower volatility and a higher boiling point than ethylene glycol, making it ideal where higher boiling points are required.  It is commonly used in heating loops, boilers, reboilers and as a dehydration agent for natural gas.

It is essential to remove the humidity from natural gas to prevent freezing in pipelines during the transportation of the gas. Tri-Ethylene Glycol, a hygroscopic agent, is well-known for its ability to dehumidify fluids and is therefore widely used in gas processing plants.

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Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene glycol is offered in various grades and quantities, Novamen can specially tailor the right blend of glycol, deionized water, inhibitors, and dyes for all standard EG applications. Specialist inhibitors such as Novatherm IEG, a heat transfer fluid, can be added to the glycol upon request. 

Ethylene glycol is used for various industrial applications, including as a heat transfer fluid. The products are blended using virgin, industrial-grade ethylene glycol and de-mineralized

Novamen’s ethylene glycol meets the highest industry standards

Ethylene glycol provides excellent protection against freezing and boils over when used in closed-loop systems, as well as line heaters, re-boilers, refrigeration plants and other industrial applications where ethylene glycol is used

Ethylene glycol is available in 1000 litre totes, 205-litre drums and in bulk

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