How to Choose a Drilling Fluids Company?

How to choose a Drilling Fluids Company - Novamen

Drilling fluids are integral to every oil and natural gas drilling operation. When it comes to oilfield drilling fluids, it is crucial that the products are produced by manufacturing companies using the most up-to-date formulas and the industry’s latest technologies. This is to ensure the highest performance for drilling construction projects.

What factors should you consider when it comes to choosing a drilling fluids company? 


Understanding the primary functions of drilling fluids and how they can assist in drilling operations enables you to choose a drilling fluids company that will best suit your needs for oil or natural gas drilling projects:

Functions of Drilling Fluids

  • Controls Pressure During the Operation
  • Removes and Renders Cuttings to the Surface
  • Cooling and Lubrication of the Drill
  • Create Buoyancy for the Operation Site
  • Isolate Fluid from Formation
  • Minimize Formation Damage
  • Transmission of Power

Drilling fluids are vital to the success of any oil or natural gas drilling operation. Construction projects using high-performing drilling fluids can greatly help reduce costs. Thus, it is important for project managers to find a credible and experienced drilling fluids company for your drilling needs.

1) Research the Company History

A reputable drilling fluids company is aware that different types of drilling operations will require different types of drilling fluids. Thus, the drilling fluids company you choose to work with should not only offer you a variety of drilling fluids, but also be able to support you in finding just the right amount of pressure control, buoyancy, and temperature control to assist with supporting your project’s needs.

Novamen Inc. is a privately held, 100% Canadian and 75% Metis owned chemical manufacturer and distributor based out of Red Deer, Alberta.

Novamen’s focus is to serve the industrial, oil, natural gas and mining industries throughout Canada by providing you with the products and services that best suit your needs. Our ownership proudly has over 30 years of combined knowledge in these fields.

Novamen’s drilling fluid specialists have used practical and methodical approaches to formulating our large selection of drilling fluid products made available to the oil and natural gas drilling market.

2) Evaluate Product Selection Catalogue

Many of the top drilling fluids companies in the market have perfected formulas to achieve the most effective and efficient support for drilling operations. An experienced drilling fluids company will have an array of product selections for you to choose from and should always keep up to date with the market’s needs.

At Novamen, we are constantly updating our product offering to ensure that the ingredients, formulas and technologies are the most up to date in the industry. Some of our drilling fluids include:

…an easy mixing freshwater drilling fluid produced from Wyoming sodium bentonite, which provides viscosity, gelling and filtration control properties.

…an acid-soluble product made from ground and sized limestone, used as a weighting agent for drill-in activities and as a bridging agent for fluid loss, lost circulation or wellbore stability applications. 

3) Assess Company Use of Technology

Finally, a good drilling fluids company will use proven technology of polymer systems and the latest oil-based drilling fluids to help reduce the costs of drilling operations in an ever changing industry. It is crucial that drilling fluids companies are maximizing the technologies available in the market today to mitigate on-site drilling risks  and reduce the chances of any potentially negative environmental impacts created from drilling operations in a safe and healthy manner.

Choose Novamen Inc. for Your Drilling Fluids Needs

At Novamen Inc., we also offer services such as on-site chemical storage, logistics reporting, and new system set-ups to help minimize your project workload. To learn more about each of our drilling fluids and how they may prove useful for your next oil and natural gas drilling project, please contact us today. Call toll-free at 1-833-348-5956; email  or click here to browse our products.

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