Novamen Good Business of the Month

We are excited to announce that Novamen has been awarded the first ever Good Business of the Month as chosen by Volunteer Central! This honor is given to recognize local businesses who practice social responsibility. Thank you to everyone who volunteers through Novamen and on their own to make our society better! Thank you Darren for providing and encouraging a culture of corporate volunteerism. See the article on the following link.…/good-business-month/


Hydro Testing 101: Fluids, Methods, Procedure

Hydro Testing Pipe Equipment - Novamen

What Is Hydrostatic (Pressure) Testing?

Hydrostatic testing (also known as “hydro testing” or “pressure testing”) is the process of checking piping systems, gas cylinders, builders and pressure vessels for strength and leakage. Hydrostatic testing is often seen after shutdowns or repairs as equipment must be checked and validated before going into service operation again. Testing must be done when the equipment is shut down in order to monitor for any abnormal conditions or signs of leaking:

“Although hydrostatic testing is considered to be a nondestructive testing method, equipment can rupture and fail if the inspection exceeds a specified test pressure or if a small crack propagates rapidly.”

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What is Water Treatment, Is It Chemical?

wide water treatment area - novamen

Fresh and clean water is needed for drinking, cooking, irrigation and industrial purposes, just to name a few. As scientific technology advances before us, the number of urbanization and economic development operations are also growing on the rise. As a result, the world’s current fresh water supply may not be able to satisfy the ever growing demand for more.

This may leave you wondering: to what extent does the world’s current technology allow for us to achieve clean and safe water for human consumption and other uses? What is water treatment, and is it chemical? The following article dives deeper into what water treatments are and how they can contribute positively to the construction industry.

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Choosing the Right Dust Control Products

Truck on Construction Road - Dust Control Products Novamen

Flyaway dust is a “microscopic nuisance” which has a great chance of harming the people in or around the construction zone; especially when it comes to road maintenance which typically takes place in public areas where people often frequent. Consequently, flyaway dust poses an even greater risk for the personnel working the construction site, whom are oftentimes working with heavy machinery or tools that require precise eye vision. That’s why it is especially important that you choose the right dust control products to work with when it comes to construction and road maintenance. With so many dust abatement and stabilization products available in today’s market, how do you go about choosing the best ones? 

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How to Choose a Drilling Fluids Company?

Man looking out oil drilling site from shore

Drilling fluids are integral to every oil and natural gas drilling operation. When it comes to oilfield drilling fluids, it is crucial that the products are produced by manufacturing companies using the most up-to-date formulas and the industry’s latest technologies. This is to ensure the highest performance for drilling construction projects.

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