Industrial Deicers & Antifreeze Chemicals

Ensuring your equipment and your team can work efficiently in cold conditions, it is important to utilize industrial deicing chemicals that can get the job done quickly. Novamen has a complete line of deicing and antifreeze chemicals that are effective but also safe for your team and the environment. So, whether you need a deicer that will prevent coal, petroleum coke and other aggregates from freezing to your truck boxes, conveyor belts or rail cars, or you are looking for a belt wetting anti-freeze/deicing compound, we have the right chemicals for you.

Our industrial deicer chemicals can be used in different applications, including transportation vehicles, hydro testing, deicing applications, well test work-over, and well kill fluids.

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Product Lineup


EcoFreeze is ideal for BOP pressure testing as an additive to winterize and increase lubricity in drilling fluids, vacuum, hydro vac and tank truck winterizing applications.
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NovaMax BWD

NovaMax BWD is a non-toxic belt wetting anti-freeze/deicing compound developed by Novamen Inc. The material is safe to handle, non-hazardous and fully compatible with glycol-based belt wetting fluids such as ethylene and propylene glycol.
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NovaMax Deicer Type I

NovaMax Deicer Type I can be used on airport runways, in coal mines or anywhere there is a possibility for aggregate freezing to equipment or ice buildup.
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NovaMax Deicer Type II

You can simply spray on the conveyor belt, rail car, truck box, or other areas of concern before coal, steel, or other aggregate comes into contact. NovaMax Deicer Type II will stick well to most surfaces and prevent product freezing, minimizing product buildup and downtime.
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NovaMax RWD

NovaMax RWD Deicer, a potassium acetate based product, is one of the industry’s top deicing products available in Western Canada.
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NovaMax SRA

A side release agent (SRA) is your solution to preventing coal and other particulate products from sticking to rail car interiors, truck boxes, conveyor belts, hoppers and feeders.
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