NovaMax Deicer Type I

NovaMax Deicer Type I is an industry-leading liquid deicer due to its environmentally friendly and highly effective ice melting properties. Because it is only available in liquid form, this deicer is ideal for preventing coal, petroleum coke and other aggregates from freezing to truck boxes, conveyor belts and rail cars. In addition, it can be used anywhere that melting ice is required such as runways, sidewalks and rail switches, among many other applications. It is non-hazardous and significantly less corrosive than calcium or magnesium chloride and many other liquid deicers currently on the market. This deicer's low corrosiveness helps your equipment last longer and, in small doses, has little to no effect on soil and vegetation. 

NovaMax Deicer Type I can be used on airport runways, in coal mines or anywhere there is a possibility for aggregate freezing to equipment or ice buildup. NovaMax Type I liquid deicer can also be used in hydro-testing markets and in various other applications. 

Novamen is experienced in setting up and maintaining efficient spray systems for our customers. With our excellent customer service and operations team, Novamen can provide top quality liquid deicer all winter long at an affordable cost.


Contact Novamen today to learn how NomaMax DeIcer Type I can help you combat all the cold and ice a Canadian winter can throw at you!



Regulatory Information

  • CAS Number: 127-08-2