NovaMax RWD

AMS 1435D -  Runway Grade

NovaMax RWD is a premium, specialized potassium acetate-based liquid runway deicer designed to be safely used on runways, taxiways and tarmacs. Novamen's deicer is certified to meet SAE AMS 1435D specifications as outlined by the FAA.


Applications & Uses

  • Anti-icing – use ahead of a weather event to prevent snow and ice build-up and to easily remove any accumulations
  • De-icing – used to cut and melt accumulations of ice and snow, thereby making removal easier
  • Pre-wetting (RWD) – use ahead of the application of deicers to aid in the removal of heavy accumulations of ice and snow
  • Traction - maintain traction between aircraft tires and runway, taxiway and tarmac surfaces

Features and Benefits

  • SAE AMS 1435D Certified
  • Proprietary corrosion inhibited potassium acetate (50%) liquid
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and does not contain chlorides
  • Readily biodegradable in water and maintains a low COD and BOD
  • Easy to apply and provides a uniform coating of all surfaces,
  • Excellent anti-icing performance, which also aids in the mechanical removal of ice and slush during winter operations,
  • Improved runway friction and traction during all aircraft movements

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Shipping & Handling

Request product data sheet or SDS for information related to specific safety concerns, shipping and handling.