Novamen's Dust Control Chemical Benefits

The Benefits of Novamen’s Dust Control Chemicals

  1. Novamen’s dust control products create a safer area for residents, your staff and equipment by reducing the dust and debris lifted into the air. High volumes of dust in local residents’ homes reduce the quality of life and increase the chances of developing respiratory health problems. Other benefits of suppressing dust may include improved working surfaces, extended life expectancy on equipment, decreased loss of materials or products, improved visibility and improved corporate image. 
  2. Dust control methods that are environmentally friendly, like those produced by Novamen, can significantly benefit your operation. With eco-friendly dust control products, you can meet industry standards and keep your team, the surrounding environment, and residents safe versus using other dust control products.
  3. Eco-friendly dust control chemicals are just as effective, if not more so, compared to dust control methods that use calcium chloride. In addition, Novamen’s dust control products can act as binders and absorb sufficient moisture from the atmosphere. And unlike dust control products that utilize calcium and magnesium chloride, Novamen’s products are also not corrosive to metals and electronic components.
  4. Using effective dust control products can reduce road maintenance costs. Dusty roads deteriorate quickly, and the load-bearing aggregate will soon follow once the fine material is lost. This causes ruts, potholes and washboards that require costly spot repairs and frequent grading to keep the road in acceptable condition.
  5. No matter the application, whether you are applying chemicals to your construction site or unpaved road, our range of dust control chemical options are designed to suit your operation. Our knowledgeable team is available to create the right dust control solutions for your business or municipality.

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