Olefin Based Dust Control Product

Nova DCP-OB is a long-lasting dust control product used in a variety of applications and industries with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly. The product is an olefin based blend of C20-C25 mono olefins and paraffins. The product has a freeze point of 28°C and must be applied at approximately 35-40°C. Once it cools, it forms a long-lasting but flexible and workable substrate on the road, preventing dust formation.

Nova DCP-OB is non-toxic and will not harm flora, fauna, or waterways located near the road. In addition, with a health rating of 0, it contains no ingredients that are considered hazardous to human health or the environment.

Unlike salt-based dust suppression chemicals, Nova DCP-OB is non-corrosive and less damaging to vehicles and machinery.

Because Nova DCP-OB is completely insoluble in water, it won’t wash out during heavy rain. The product will build up on a surface so that its efficacy is increased each year, and the application rate can be decreased. If applied properly, it will outlast traditional dust control suppressants, will reduce wear and tear on vehicles and equipment, and minimize environmental impact. To find more information on Nova DCP-OB, contact a Novamen representative today.

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