H2S Scavengers

H2S Removal Chemicals for Oil & Gas Facilities

Hydrogen sulfide, also known as H2S or sour gas, is colourless, heavier than air in its pure state, and highly toxic. It occurs naturally in oil and gas wells and well water. It can be produced naturally from decaying organic matter found in sewage sludge, manure pits and many industrial processes. Aside from being a health hazard, H2S is also extremely flammable and can be a corrosion threat to your equipment and processes. These reasons make it important to remove this harmful gas wherever it occurs.

Novamen works hard to find and develop the highest quality H2S Scavenger products. We also work directly with you to ensure that the right scavengers are employed to meet your specific applications. We have a complete line of H2S Scavengers to choose from to help your operation remain safe and viable.


Product Lineup

MMA - Monoethylamine

Novamen can offer both MEA and MMA Triazine blend chemistries for large volume applications where on-site blending may be used for H2S scavenging.
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NeutraGas 365®

NeutraGas 365® is the first plant-based Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scavenger. It contains no triazines or amines nor contains or produces any formaldehydes.
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NovaSweet 1000 Series

The NovaSweet 1000 Series is a Triazine-based, highly active, customizable solution that can be utilized as a Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Scavenger in natural gas treating applications with high CO2 concentrations.
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NovaSweet 2000 Series

NovaSweet 2000 Series is an innovative non-amine/non-aldehyde H2S scavenger designed for crude oil applications. Unlike triazine chemistries, NovaSweet 2000 scavengers won't cause adverse effects on downstream refining processes.
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NovaSweet 3000 Series

NovaSweet 3000 Series scavengers can be used to sweeten gas streams, hydrocarbon fluids and sour waters. The NovaSweet 3000 Series are fast acting, highly reactive and activate on contact with H2S.
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