NeutraGas 365®

NeutraGas 365 is an entirely new chemistry developed to neutralize (scavenge) H2S. It contains no triazines or amines nor contains or produces any formaldehydes. It is fast acting and converts Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and Mercaptans into an inert sulphide compound in water that is easily disposed of. The result is a non-hazardous water-soluble compound with very low Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), making it fully biodegradable. The reaction is stable and non-reversible. 

Specifically designed for H2S entrained in process water streams or H2S in the gas phase when treated through scrubbers or bubble towers. Available in two freeze protected (MeOH or Glycol) options as well.

Features and Benefits

  • Non-toxic/environmentally friendly
    • Contains no WHMIS/OSHA hazardous ingredients
    • Completely safe for personnel to handle and has no harmful effects on the environment (biodegradable)
  • Produces no precipitates at all - passes harmlessly through pumps and filters
  • CO2 has no effect on NeutraGas 365
  • NeutraGas 365 will also bond with/remove iron sulfide
  • Tested and approved by several refineries as an acceptable replacement for triazines chemistries
  • Tested and approved by several pressure pumping (fracturing) companies for use with their frac fluids
  • Simple application methods - no expensive capital equipment required
  • Outperforms nearly all other scavengers in loading efficiency.
  • Very cost competitive option for H2S treatment.

Application Notes

  • NeutraGas 365 is supplied in liquid form
  • NeutraGas 365 works via a bonding and encapsulating action—liquid to liquid contact is required when treating sour fluids. Equipment such as nozzles to distribute the product, mixers to encourage contact and contact time all greatly improve the products’ performance. If you are treating in pipe, it is required that the pipe be full and pressurized to ensure the H2S remains entrained in the fluid being treated
  • If treating H2S in the gas phase—it is required to bubble through a scrubber/ contact tower or treating tool providing multiple, continuous curtains of NeutraGas to perform properly (make contact to perform bond)

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