NovaSweet 2000 Series

NovaSweet 2000 Series
H2S Scavengers

A proprietary innovative non-amine, non-aldehyde H2S scavenger for crude oil applications.

NovaSweet 2000 Series is the next generation of scavengers replacing MEA/Triazines in liquid hydrocarbon streams. There is a need in the industry to reduce fouling created by amine-based scavengers in downstream refineries, production streams and crude oil terminals while keeping treating costs in line with, or lower than, traditional triazine chemistries.

NovaSweet 2000 Series is an innovative H2S scavenger designed for crude oil and liquid light hydrocarbon streams. The application of NovaSweet 2000 Series is very program specific, and concentrations/dilutions can be adjusted for maximum efficiency within the task. When compared against traditional 40% active MEA-triazine chemistries, chemical consumption rates can often be cut by as much as 50% without sacrificing results, resulting in a potential increase in productivity and cost savings of up to 60 to 80%.

Features and Benefits

  • NovaSweet 2000 Series scavengers will react with the H2S molecules and turn them into aqueous non-toxic sulphate salts
  • The heavier sulphate salt molecules will drop into the produced water stream or are easily removed in the refinery desalting process
  • NovaSweet 2000 Series does not contain amines or triazines, nor does it contain or produce any formaldehydes
  • NovaSweet 2000 Series does not cause fouling or corrosion problems in downstream refining operations
  • The water-based chemistry will inherently separate from the crude oil
  • Reacts instantaneously with H2S once contact is made; the reaction is permanent and irreversible
  • Will react with and remove lower chain mercaptans and will not react with double bonded sulphur compounds


NovaSweet 2000 Series scavengers can be applied at:

  • Wellhead – After the heater treater
  • Storage Tanks – At wellhead
  • Tank Trucks – When loading or off-loading
  • Pipelines – Injected inline
  • Rail Cars – When loading or off-loading
  • Tank Farms – At terminal or refinery
  • Ships and Barges – Injected in pipeline when loading or off-loading

Reach out to the Novamen team for more information on our NovaSweet 2000 Series H2S scavenger products.