Hydro Testing

Hydro Testing Chemicals & Fluid Rentals

Hydro testing before the equipment is placed into service or when you are completing routine checks is important to ensure that your pipes and pressure vessels' structural integrity is in place. This test ensures that the equipment is safe to operate and will remain efficient.

Hydro testing involves filling the pipe or pressure vessel with fluids and pressurizing it. Once pressurized, you can detect any leaks. Novamen has developed effective hydro testing chemicals and products, including rentals, to ensure that your oil & gas operation remains safe and efficient. 

If you have any questions about our hydro test products, contact Novamen.

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Hydro Testing Fluids

Novamen’s hydro testing products are specifically designed to ensure that you can efficiently test your pipes and pressure vessels.

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Novamen’s hydro testing fluid rental service is a great way to complete your winter hydro testing programs without needing to purchase and dispose of these fluids. We carry large volumes available for short, medium and long term rentals.

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Hydro Testing Chemicals FAQ

No, we do not offer hydro testing services. However, Novamen does provide the fluid solutions needed for hydro testing. This can include the required fluid, filtration, on-site storage tanks, tank manifolds, and hydro test wagons. We can also assist with the logistics to mobilize and demobilize the fluids.

Novamen can supply a wide variety of fluids to meet almost all hydro testing needs. We have the largest volume of hydro test fluids in Western Canada. We carry methanol mix, propylene glycol test mix, potassium acetate and environmentally friendly options like our EcoTest 400.

The cost of fluids varies depending upon the choice of fluid, the freeze point required, and the volumes needed for the specific project. Novamen can offer fluids for purchase or rent, where needed. Often, hydro test fluids are only required for short periods of time where the acquisition of new fluids would be cost-prohibitive. Rentals provide a solution at a fraction of the cost of ownership, and Novamen can look after the delivery, pick up, and disposal of the fluids if required. Contact Novamen directly; we will be happy to provide you with more details and an estimate on our hydro test products and services.