Hydro Testing Fluids

Novamen’s hydro testing products are specifically designed to ensure that you can efficiently test your pipes and pressure vessels. We offer a range of products to support your hydro testing needs, including chemicals and rental equipment. 

All our chemicals are non-hazardous, matching Novamen’s commitment to being environmentally friendly and to keeping your team and local residents safe. Many of our hydro testing chemicals also maintain their efficiency in freezing temperatures which is beneficial for operations in Canada.  

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EcoTest 400

EcoTest 400 is a newly developed hydro testing fluid created by Novamen Inc. The material is virtually non-toxic to humans, non-hazardous and fully compatible with water based hydro testing fluids such as propylene glycol.
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Methanol Test Mix

Novamen has methanol in a variety of mixtures, including a large supply of 50% methanol-water mix. This 50% mixture is effective down to -50º Celsius and is perfect for most small to mid-sized hydro-tests.
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Propylene Glycol Test Mix

Propylene glycol is widely employed in numerous industries and has a wide range of practical applications; therefore, Novamen carries a variety of different grades, blends, and delivery methods to cover all your propylene glycol needs.
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