Hydro Testing Fluid & Equipment Rentals

Novamen’s hydro testing fluid rental service is a great way to complete your winter hydro testing programs without needing to purchase and dispose of these fluids. We carry large volumes available for short, medium and long term rentals.

Our service includes transportation of the chemicals to and from your test site, and can include tank rentals if required. Several types of hydro testing fluids are available, including propylene glycol, potassium acetate, methanol, and Novamen’s own EcoTest 400.



Rental Units

Filters & Filter Pods

Our filters come in either 2 or 6 filter pod sizes and range from 100 to 1000 litres per minute, depending on the product, pump, and filter size.
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Hydro Test Wagons

Our hydro test wagons are 1,000 gallons to provide your oil & gas and refinery operation with the best output.
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We offer our customers single and double walled tanks for on-site storage of our chemicals.
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