NovaPhase 8000 Series

Water-In-Oil Demulsifiers (Emulsion Breakers)

NovaPhase 8000 Series offers a wide variety of demulsifiers (or emulsion breakers) that are made of a blend of base chemisties and solvent carriers for the phase separation of water in oil emulsions.  Because no two emulsion fluids are alike, demulsification can be a very complex task.  Even emulsion fluid from a single source can vary over time.  The result is that demulsifiers must be selected and even formulated on a case-to-case basis, usually in the field.  Every product formulation in this series is thoroughly designed to meet the specific performance demands for the demulsification of a water-in-oil emulsion.  All blended demulsifiers can withstand temperature as low as -40°C.

Novamen recognizes that designing a demulsification chemical program can be a challenging job.  It requires a thorough understanding of the system and careful planning to come up with the correct selection of demulsifiers.  At the treating facilities, on-site bottle testing with a fresh emulsion sample is recommended for the screening of base chemistries of NovaPhase 8000 series.  A Novamen technical service representative would be happy to assist and evaluate any oil production facilities to optimize demulsifier rates for their oil chemical treating program.


NovaPhase 8000 Series products are designed to treat water-in-oil emulsions in any oil production system or service facilities that handle batch or continuous treating of crude oil to meet the pipeline basic sediment and water (BS&W) specification.


  • Increased sellable oil production output
  • Meeting key performance indicators (KPIs) critical to operations
  • Better process control and throughput
  • Lower the operational cost
  • Help customer project for process improvement and sustainability

Base Chemistries

  • Water Droppers – the function of these chemistries is to help coalesce water droplets and release the free water.
  • Oil Treaters – the function of these chemistries is to help flocculate sub-micron water particles that are dispersed in the crude oil. They are also referred to as drying agents.
  • Wetting Agents – the function of these chemistries is to interact with solids like sands or iron sulphides for the removal in crude oil.
  • Desalters – the function of these chemistries is to help coalesce the polar saltwater droplets for rapid water separation and be able to handle crude oil from various source wells.