NovaCare Bug Wash

Bug Wash + Winter Bug Wash

NovaCare Bug Wash is an eco-friendly windshield washer fluid designed for any Canadian season. With its strong detergent, NovaCare Bug Wash effectively cuts through even the worst road grime and bug splatters, leaving your windshield clean and streak free.

This windshield cleaner does not contain harsh chemicals and will not damage your vehicles' wiper blades, glass, or metal components. It is fully biodegradable, non-hazardous, water soluble, and safe to handle.

Novamen supplies both a ready-to-use version of NovaCare Bug Wash in 1,000L totes and a super concentrated version of the product in 4L jugs or 20L pails. The concentrated product is added to water at a 1% application rate (10L of concentrate per 990L of water in a tote). Therefore, you could incur huge savings in transportation costs if you blend it yourself.


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