Biodegradable Odor Eliminator

There are numerous unique odor control problems and challenges facing industries today. For instance, persistent landfill odors pose health and nuisance issues around landfills. As such, landfill owners and operators face increasing litigation from surrounding homes and facilities. In response to these needs, Novamen dispenses Apex Engineering Products Corporation’s RYDALL OE, an environmentally safe solution for the treatment of problematic odors and corrosion associated with landfill operations, waste water treatment plants, and other types of processes.

RYDALL OE is a unique biocatalyst containing a complex mixture of natural nutrients, vitamins, and trace elements. RYDALL OE is specifically designed to eliminate industrial odors and corrosion problems without hazardous chemicals or masking fragrances. RYDALL OE is versatile and effective and offers a completely safe liquid-phase odor solution.

Unlike chemical masking agents, RYDALL OE eradicates odor-causing compounds by preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, mercaptan, and skatole. RYDALL OE is effective for both organic and inorganic odors. The solution contains no bacteria, is biologically degradable and non-toxic for humans, animals, fish and plants. RYDALL OE is safe for personnel handling the product, even at high concentrations. No fumes or irritating vapors are released from this product which is non-flammable and non-corrosive to metals, concrete, and plastics.


  • Effective on both organic and inorganic odors
  • Safe for humans, animals, fish, plants, and our environment
  • Non-hazardous
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-irritating
  • Non-corrosive
  • Biodegradable


LANDFILLS — RYDALL OE should be sprayed directly to the landfill's working face. The daily cover can also be sprayed if permeating odors are a nuisance. The amount of RYDALL OE that is required is dependent on the amount of water that can be applied, the temperature, the strength and the type of odor.

SLUDGE TREATMENT — RYDALL OE effectively treats sludge generated at wastewater treatment plants in most collection and treatment facilities and other types of operations. Continuous spraying of the sludge conveyors is an effective way to reduce odors. Manually spraying sludge is also an effective way to reduce and control odors, but is not the preferred method. Furthermore, trucks and equipment can be washed down with RYDALL OE to remove any residual odors.

COMPOSTING OPERATIONS — RYDALL OE also successfully reduces odors in composting operations. This can be done by spraying the compost material periodically. RYDALL OE also

promotes degradation and enhances the quality of the compost. Organic solid content and ammonia are reduced while nitrate content is increased, making the compost a good fertilizer.

SCRUBBER SYSTEMS — RYDALL OE can be used in biochemical scrubber systems by adding the product continuously into the recirculation holding tank with a dosing pump. Generally, a chemical

scrubber can be retrofitted as a biochemical scrubber. The amount of RYDALL OE usage depends on the recirculation and characteristics of the odors that are being eliminated.

OTHER APPLICATIONS— Applications of RYDALL OE are practically limitless, including solids handling facilities, collection systems, primary treatment facilities, wash racks, wash stations, sumps, and any application that has an unpleasant odor can be eliminated with RYDALL OE.