Oilfield Production

Chemical Products for Oilfield & Oil Sands Operations

The effective creation of natural gas, crude oil and oil sands depends largely depends on the chemicals that aid your oil & gas and oilsands operations. Novamen has developed different chemistries to assist in solving the many problems encountered in upstream oilfield and oilsands production industries. Our team of chemical product experts are here to support you find the right products for your operation to ensure that they work efficiently based on your needs.

We not only create effective chemicals, but we are also committed to creating unique solutions for our customers. If you have any questions regarding our oilfield production products, contact the Novamen team today. 

Process Chemicals

Our process chemicals, including our Water-In-Oil Demulsifiers and Oil-In-Water Demulsifiers, have been specifically manufactured to support oil & gas and oil sands operations in Canada, just like yours.

Scale Inhibitors & Scale Removal

Novamen has developed a line of scale inhibitor and scale removal chemicals to help support your oil & gas operation in remaining efficient and safe.

Water Clarifiers & Water Treatment

Novamen’s effective and environmentally-friendly produced water deoiling, sludge dewatering and produced water softening chemicals are available to support your oil & gas operation.

Wax & Asphaltine Controls

Our products remove significantly more paraffin and asphaltene than traditional solvents and are able to prevent the formation of paraffins down the road.

Modified Acids

Our Modified Acids are an effective line of modified acid chemicals to support your production process, including our NovaSyn products.

Oilfield Production FAQ

Traditional, commodity-based production chemicals are often a cheaper option, and Novamen does not try to compete against this. Instead, Novamen works with you to provide solutions to problems not addressed by these traditional chemistries. Often Novamen’s solutions result in a much more economical product in the long run by providing increases in production, less maintenance requirements, or even reduced disposal considerations. Novamen is also proud to offer environmentally friendly options for many of the traditional chemistries. Safety and being environmentally conscious are not just goals but can become realities with the right solution.

Novamen carries a wide range of chemicals to handle almost all problems encountered in the oilfield. If you find that the products in our standard offerings do not meet the needs of your oil & gas operation, we may be able to provide a customized solution. Feel free to contact the Novamen team to find the right products based on your operational needs.