Water Clarifiers & Water Treatment Chemicals

Access to clean processing water has been a growing issue in the oil & gas industry. Processing sludge can be a costly process for many operations. Making a commitment to the betterment of the environment has also become a key priority for many oilfield companies. Water clarifies and water treatment chemicals from Novamen can help you check all the boxes efficiently.

Novamen’s effective and environmentally-friendly produced water deoiling, sludge dewatering and produced water softening chemicals are available to support your oil & gas operation. You can learn more about our products here on the website or contact the Novamen Inc. team for more information.


Product LineUp

NovaClear 5000 Series

Novamen’s NovaClear 5000 Series is a full lineup of dry-powder flocculants for water treatment and in particular, sludge dewatering.
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NovaPhase 6000 Series

NovaPhase 6000 Series comprises emulsion polyacrylamides (EPAM) that are used for effective phase separation of suspended oil in water.
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NovaPhase 7000 Series

Novamen’s NovaPhase 7000 Series products include both organic & inorganic coagulants, or liquid cationic polymers of medium molecular weight.
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