How Does Oilfield Cementing Work?

What is Oilfield Cementing?

Oilfield cementing is the procedure of developing and pumping cement into a wellbore. Cementing helps to protect and seal a wellbore. Read more


Top Industrial Chemical Products of 2020

Top Industrial Chemical Products of 2020 | Novamen

Did you know that Canada’s chemistry industry is worth over $53 billion dollars (as reported by the Chemical Institute of Canada), making it one of the most powerful industries within the Canadian economy? 

Industrial chemical products play a vital role when it comes to manufacturing, production and transportation of raw materials, such as natural gas liquids, oil, minerals, and electricity. Large scale projects like these require reliable and high-grade quality chemical products to make sure operations run smoothly.

With so many types of industrial chemical products to choose from, Novamen has put together all the basics you need to know about the most popular industrial chemical products in Canada, along with recommendations on the top industrial chemical solutions you should consider choosing for your projects in 2020. Read more


What is Water Treatment, Is It Chemical?

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Fresh and clean water is needed for drinking, cooking, irrigation and industrial purposes, just to name a few. As scientific technology advances before us, the number of urbanization and economic development operations are also growing on the rise. As a result, the world’s current fresh water supply may not be able to satisfy the ever growing demand for more.

This may leave you wondering: to what extent does the world’s current technology allow for us to achieve clean and safe water for human consumption and other uses? What is water treatment, and is it chemical? The following article dives deeper into what water treatments are and how they can contribute positively to the construction industry.

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