Top Industrial Chemical Products of 2020

Top Industrial Chemical Products of 2020 | Novamen

Did you know that Canada’s chemistry industry is worth over $53 billion dollars (as reported by the Chemical Institute of Canada), making it one of the most powerful industries within the Canadian economy? 

Industrial chemical products play a vital role when it comes to manufacturing, production and transportation of raw materials, such as natural gas liquids, oil, minerals, and electricity. Large scale projects like these require reliable and high-grade quality chemical products to make sure operations run smoothly.

With so many types of industrial chemical products to choose from, Novamen has put together all the basics you need to know about the most popular industrial chemical products in Canada, along with recommendations on the top industrial chemical solutions you should consider choosing for your projects in 2020.

Most Popular Industrial Chemical Product Types in Canada

Dust Control

Dust control products are used for roadway dust suppression. These chemical solutions help to remove or prevent dust from gathering and/or transporting at construction zones.

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Freeze Conditioning

Freeze conditioning products help with optimizing temperature control of tools and equipment under frozen conditions. An example of this is weakening of ice formation at a construction zone under extremely cold climates.

Hydro Testing

Hydro testing products assist with the inspection of equipment such as fire extinguishing cylinders, storage tanks, gas cylinders and chemical pipelines.

To learn more about Hydrostatic (Pressure) Testing, check out our blog article on “Hydro Testing 101: Fluids, Methods, Procedure”. You may also be interested in checking out our H2S Scavengers collection.

Oilfield Drilling & Oil-well Cementing

Oilfield drilling products contribute to the lubrication and temperature control elements of an oil field drilling operation. Oil-well cementing products help with the process of using cement to close up a well bore during an oil-well drilling operation. 

To learn more about how drilling fluids work, click here to read our article on “What are Drilling Fluids?”.

Water Treatment

Water treatment products are used for the production and transportation during the water filtration process.

To learn more about Water Treatment, check out our article on “What is Water Treatment: Is It Chemical?

Novamen’s Choice: Best Selling Chemical Industrial Products in 2020

As one of Canada’s leading chemical manufacturing companies, Novamen’s industrial products are created using proven formulas and the latest technologies to bring you powerful solutions for all of your industrial chemical needs.

Calcium Carbonate

  • Calcium carbonate is an acid-soluble product added to drilling fluids as a formation-bridging and filter cake sealing agent. It’s also used as a bridging agent for fluid loss, lost circulation or well bore stability applications. Calcium carbonate is also a weighting material which increases the density of drilling fluids to control the downhole pressure.

Calcium Nitrate

  • Calcium Nitrate is an excellent source of calcium used in clear-water (floc) drilling, Invert Oil Emulsion muds, and as an accelerator in cementing. It is a product often used in wastewater pre-conditioning or agricultural operations

To see a full list of industrial chemical solutions we offer here at Novamen, please click here.

Novamen Inc. Is Here to Help

Novamen proudly offers a full range of high-quality chemical solutions and services for industrial leaders and operators. With an excellent customer service and operations team, we provide top quality products and services for a worry-free experience, at an affordable cost. 

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