Why Is It Important to Have Dust Control on Work Sites?

Why Is It Important to Have Dust Control on Work Sites? - Novamen

Dust suppression is a crucial determining factor of the safety and security of those both inside and around a construction worksite. Not only can dust emission directly impact the results of the operation’s success, but workers mustering through laborious tasks in all types of weathering conditions are subjected to greater risk of hazardous scenarios if dust management is not properly looked after. Dust control is a highly important aspect of any construction project. However, the methods in which you choose to apply dust control products will also determine the results and impacts you are creating on the people, places, and even plants near the area.

Benefits of Dust Control on Construction Sites

First and foremost, every construction site should have an officialized dust control plan drafted and prepared for the official commencement of operations. Some of the recommended factors to consider for such a blueprint include the following:

  • Protecting Personnel: safety protective glasses for the eyes and safety masks to protect the individual’s respiratory system to prevent the consumption of dust and/or pollutants from entering the body
  • Protecting Places: Plastic or adhesive sheets will help to collect any falling dust and debris, while simultaneously creating a thin protective layer against the flooring
  • Protecting Everything Else: Experts recommend for construction sites to clean and impact the least amount of space possible. Construction sites are best worked in open areas, but it is advised to section off particular spaces for smaller tasks (such as the cutting or trimming of materials) to best reduce the potential spread of airborne dust.

Potential Hazards & Health Risks of Dust in Construction

Dust can create a much bigger impact on the environment and ecosystem than we can imagine. Lack of dust control on construction sites may also cause workers to be placed at greater risk for irritable eye infections (such as cases of eye infections from airborne bacteria travelling through dust) to more severe cases, such as the potentially fatal causing effects from toxicity due to consumption of dust impacting an individual’s health, slowly, over time.


Pollutants travelling in the air through dust may also heavily impact the sources of water near any construction worksite. Animals and plants inhabiting nearby water sources would also become affected by lack of dust control at construction sites. Thus, industry leaders in construction must take the appropriate measures of preparing each construction project, which can thus greatly impact society at large.

The Ultimate Solution: Innovative Dust Control Assistance for Construction Sites

Construction zones have seen the adverse impacts of what happens when dust is not taken care of since the beginning of time. That’s why Novamen Inc. comes equipped with over 9 years of experience (read more about our story here) in producing high quality, industry renowned and reliable dust control products to assist you in mitigating dust for all varying scopes and scales of construction operations. Some of the most popular selections from our collection of dust control products include:

Magnesium Chloride

A hygroscopic compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation, commonly used to control dust. Magnesium Chloride binds dust particles together and helps to keep roads stabilized. The product slows down the loss of aggregate and reduces the need for regrading. It is an environmentally preferred compound typically used in sensitive watershed and wetland locations.

Nova DCP-6000

The DCP-6000 is made from non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive ingredients and contains little or no chlorides. It is a combination medley of wetting agents and an organic chemical designed to control dust on gravel roads through calcium chloride dust control. The product absorbs moisture from the atmosphere, including rainfall, albeit a much lower freezing point of less than -30º degrees Celsius. The DCP-6000 keeps the surface of the road damp and helps to prevent dust buildup and flyaways from moving vehicles and machinery.


Dust prevention on construction sites can contribute to the protection of our ecosystem by preventing construction dust pollutants from travelling away and into nearby water sources. The two products above are sure ways to maintain the construction site and limit the negative impacts on the environment efficiently and effectively.

Novamen Inc. Supports Your Mission Against Dust on Construction Sites

With all of the above considered, dust control is evidently a huge contributing factor to the safety, security and success of a construction project. For anyone who’s ever come close to a     construction zone, they would likely agree that on-site dust management should be an important (if not, mandatory) integral contribution and requirement of any construction project. Novamen Inc. proudly brings innovative solutions to help you achieve this – click here to read more about our state-of-the-art solutions and innovative answers to dust control now.

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