NovaMax RWD Liquid Runway Deicer

NovaMax RWD Liquid Runway Deicer is a premium, specialized potassium acetate-based runway deicer designed to be safely used on runways, taxiways and tarmacs. This deicer chemical is certified to meet SAE AMS 1435D specifications outlined by the aviation industry.


Applications and Uses

  • Anti-icing – use ahead of a weather event to prevent snow and ice build-up, and to facilitate ease of removal for any accumulations
  • Deicing – use to cut and melt accumulations of ice and snow, thereby making removal easier
  • Pre-wetting (RWD) – use ahead of the application of deicers to aid in the removal of heavy accumulations of ice and snow
  • Maintain traction between aircraft tires and runway, taxiway and tarmac surfaces


Features and Benefits

  • SAE AMS 1435D Certified
  • Proprietary corrosion inhibited potassium acetate (50%) liquid
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous, and does not contain chlorides
  • Readily biodegradable in water and maintains a low COD and BOD
  • Easy to apply and provides a uniform coating of all surfaces
  • Excellent anti-icing performance, which also aids in the mechanical removal of ice and slush during winter operations
  • Improved runway friction and traction during all aircraft movements.

Anti-icing – 2 liters / 1,000 ft2

Deicing – 3.5 to 12 liters / 1,000 ft2, depending upon thickness of ice

Prewetting – 4.75 liters / 100 lbs. of equivalent solid deicer