Plane and Runway Deicers

Canadian airports are no strangers to the cold and frost weather that comes with our climate. As a member of the aviation industry, you also understand how important it is to use effective deicing chemicals. By efficiently removing snow, ice and frost from the surface of your aircrafts, you can improve airflow and ensure a safer take off to get your planes in the air - faster. Deicers also help to remove ice from runways, creating a safer take off and landing zone.

Novamen’s line of aviation deicers are not only created to be effective in removing ice, but many are also non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.



Product Lineup

NovaMax RWD Liquid Runway Deicer

NovaMax RWD Liquid Runway Deicer is a premium, specialized potassium acetate-based runway deicer designed to be safely used on runways, taxiways and tarmacs.
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NovaMax SFD Granular Runway Deicer

NovaMax SFD Granular Runway Deicer is an advanced sodium formate based solid deicer formulated for its environmentally safe and easy application on runways, taxiways and parking aprons.
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