Dust Control Chemicals

Dust lifted in the air can cause damage to the surrounding area, but the chemicals used to control that dust shouldn’t. Novamen has developed a range of dust suppression products to help control the dust associated with unpaved roads and construction sites that are also safe for the environment and your team. 

When using Novamen’s dust control chemicals, you can reduce road maintenance costs and damage to vehicles, and improve local air quality. 

Our dust control products can be used on:

  • Construction sites
  • Unpaved local & provincial roads
  • Federal/Provincial Park roads
  • Mining, construction site and forestry/timber haul roads
  • Quarries/mines
  • Agricultural roads
  • Parking lot surfaces
  • Landing strips
  • Access roads

You can select from a range of dust control products to fit your operation's and your application's needs. Explore the range of dust suppression chemicals that Novamen manufacturers and their benefits, or contact our team if you have any questions.

Road Dust Control

Access a line of environmentally friendly road dust control products to help control debris from service roads, rural roads, and other unpaved roads.

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Process Dust Control

Control airborne dust on petroleum coke or coal train cars and stockpiles, or boost the effectiveness of your water suppression operation, with our process dust control products.

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Dust Control FAQ

Any surface or material that can create or cause dust can be treated with dust control chemicals, such as unpaved roads, construction sites, mining sites, manufacturing processes and more. Novamen has a variety of innovative products designed to eliminate dust hazards in virtually any application. Contact Novamen to see how we can help you control dust in any setting.


Dust control's first and most important benefit is that it creates a healthier workplace for all personnel and equipment. Equally important is that the environment is healthy for the public, plants and animals. Other benefits may include improved working surfaces, the extended life expectancy of equipment, decreased loss of materials or products, and improved corporate image.

Novamen selects products and materials for their blends primarily based on their environmental impact. We strive to be as environmentally responsible as we can, wherever we can. We do not want to solve one problem by leaving another one behind.

There is no “one product for every application.” Often the most effective product is the one that can help you achieve your goals. Whether it is a regulatory requirement, a financial choice or a strategic decision to improve the environment for all that work within it, Novamen can assist in meeting those targets.

The cost of dust control varies widely depending upon the application and the severity of the problem. But what does it cost if you don’t control the dust? For example, a dusty road loses materials that need to be replaced. Dusty roads may also be prone to rutting and washboarding, so they must be graded more often.

Sometimes the costs are not so easy to calculate, such as the wear and tear on your equipment caused by dust or an improper dust control program. There may be a long term cost to employees’ health and the immediate environment.