NovaSweet 1000 Series

NovaSweet 1000 Series are high active MEA Triazine H2S Scavenger solutions containing no free formaldehyde, making this product ideal for removing hydrogen sulfide in natural gas and fluid production, even with high CO2 content.

The product reacts liberally with hydrogen sulfide, creating a thermally stable irreversible bond, and water-soluble reaction products are easily removed from the system. Because it contains NO Free Formaldehyde, it reduces the exposure of irritants, carcinogens and mutagens known to be caused by formaldehyde exposure. NovaSweet 1000 has a flash point of 55°C, making it ideal for higher temperature application stability.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast, effective sulfide removal
  • Controls H2S loading even in high CO2 applications
  • Effective in 3 phase production, gas, and fluid streams
  • Water-soluble and biodegradable
  • 55°C flash point allows for less solvent loss in today’s higher ambient temperatures, extending tank life and activity
  • No free formaldehyde reduces product degradation, allowing longer tank life for larger deliveries on isolated application sites.
  • Lessened exposure to carcinogens, mutagens and irritants for operations and fluid haulers
  • .41 lbs. H2S removed per liter


  • Highly effective in flooded/bubble towers
  • Batch towers
  • Continuous in line/downhole injection
  • Tank vent scrubbers
  • Pretreatment for workovers


The NovaSweet 1000 Series of H2S Scavengers are available in various strengths and blends and can be freeze protected to -40°C or lower.

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