NovaMax SFD Granular Runway Deicer

NovaMax SFD Granular Runway Deicer is an advanced sodium formate based solid deicer formulated for its environmentally safe and easy application on runways, taxiways and parking aprons. It is designed to lower the freezing temperature of water, create protection from ice, snow, freezing rain and slush. NovaMax SFD is also certified to meet SAE AMS 1431E specifications as outlined by the aviation industry.


Applications and Uses

Anti-icing – use ahead of a weather event to prevent snow and ice build-up, and to facilitate easy removal of any accumulation

Deicing – use to cut and melt accumulations of ice and snow, thereby making removal easier
Maintain traction between aircraft tires and runway, taxiway and tarmac surfaces.


Features and Benefits

  • SAE AMS 1431E Certified
  • Sodium Formate (>97%) with proprietary corrosion inhibitors (<2%)
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic, nonhazardous, and contains no chlorides
  • Readily biodegradable in water and maintains an ultra-low BOD and COD
  • Irregularly shaped granules and excellent ice melting capacity maximize friction performance
  • Easy to apply with conventional spreaders