Working from our success in dust control on roads and in heavy industrial applications, Novamen has developed DCP-NATURALLY, a subtle, more refined version of our dust control products that can be used in enclosed manufacturing processes. Dust created by manufacturing operations can be made of tiny particles of various substances like ceramic, powdered crystal, wood, concrete, metal, and many other aggregate materials. This dust needs to be removed and where expensive air handling equipment is not practical or feasible, dust can be controlled economically through light applications of the DCP-NATURALLY Dust Control Product.

The product combines binding and wetting agents with humectants, providing efficiency in controlling dust. The product has no negative impact on the environment or human health and contains no ingredients that are considered hazardous. Nova DCP-NATURALLY is non-corrosive and has little to no effect on the finished product in almost all processes. Contact Novamen and we will be happy to assess your application and formulate a blend that would be suitable in your specific manufacturing process.

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