Our Signature Dust Control Product (Field Strength)

Nova DCP-FS is our signature ready to use DCP-C dust control product, a resin-modified emulsion product that provides a high performance treatment solution for unpaved road surfaces. It works to suppress dust and provides surface stabilization for roads. Because it is formulated from tree resin ingredients, this state-of-the-art, non-ionic emulsion technology is unique in its high bonding strength and is appropriate for use even close to wetland areas and other areas of environmental sensitivity.

DCP-FS is pre-blended with water at a rate of 50/50 for convenience in the field.

You can use DCP-FS to help combat common problems associated with road dust, such as high maintenance costs, because:

  • Dusty roads deteriorate quickly and once the fine material is lost, the load-bearing aggregate will soon follow.
  • Loss of fines and aggregate results in ruts, potholes and washboards that require costly spot repairs and frequent grading to keep the road in acceptable condition.



  • Reduced visibility
  • The prospect of loose gravel causing cracked windshields, chipped paint and/or broken headlights
  • High volumes of dust in local residents’ homes reduce quality of life and increase the chances of developing respiratory health problems.


All of Novamen’s road dust control products can be used on:

  • Unpaved local & provincial roads
  • Federal/Provincial Park roads
  • Mining, construction site and forestry/timber haul roads
  • Quarries/mines
  • Agricultural roads
  • Parking lot surfaces
  • Landing strips
  • Access Roads

Nova DCP-FS is a versatile product with many features and benefits, including:

  • Dust control
  • Erosion control
  • One application can last for months under certain conditions
  • “Cumulative effect” — more frequent applications of products will increase durability
  • Road surface stabilization
  • Shoulder treatments
  • Works well on all types of dust on all types of road surfaces
  • Pre-blended with water for immediate application

Nova DCP-FS has been proven to be a long-term solution for efficiently controlling road dust. Whether you are creating a landing strip, access road, haul road, hardened surface, or trail, or if you need to control erosion, Nova DCP-FS is a reliable, environmentally friendly dust control chemical.


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