Olefin Based Dust Control Product

DCP-OBLT is a long-lasting dust control product for a variety of uses such as oilfield and heavy mining traffic roads, parking lots, and road shoulders, where pavement is too costly and dust conditions become intolerable. The product has no negative impacts on the environment, or human health and contains no ingredients that are considered hazardous. Further, its health rating is 0, which simply means exposure offers little or no risk to either plants or humans.

This product combines a blend of mainly C16-C20 mono olefins and paraffins with a flash point of 120°C. It will set into the road bed and is highly effective in controlling air borne dust. The product is liquid at ambient temperatures and requires no special preparation or heating for application. Once it cools it forms a tenacious but flexible and workable substrate on the road bed, preventing dust formation.



  • Creates a water impervious surface: Because the products are completely insoluble in water, it is impervious to losses due to rain or washout. The product will build up in the road bed so each year, the efficacy is increased, and the application rates can be decreased.
  • Safe for the Environment: Non-toxic when properly applied, making it safe for foliage and surface water surrounding roadways. The product will rarely gravitate off the road surface, eliminating contamination of nearby bodies of water.
  • Non-Corrosive: Unlike salt-based dust suppression chemicals, Nova DCP-OBLT is non-corrosive and can be applied with standard dust suppression equipment or clothing.
  • Reduces Road Repairs: Hardened road surfaces are less likely to suffer the ribbed “washboard” effect common with untreated gravel or dirt roads. As a result, frequent grading can be reduced or eliminated.
  • Cost Savings: If applied properly, this product will outlast traditional dust control suppressants, will reduce the wear and tear on vehicles and equipment, and minimize environmental impact as well.

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