NovaSol HD

High Performance, Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser

The Issue with Cleaning Chemicals

Industrial cleaning products containing soaps and surfactants may be excellent at removing dirt and grime but do very little to undercut grease, oil, and tar. Equally, industrial solvents intended to be effective degreasers struggle to remove the dirt and grime that may mask hydrocarbon contamination.


NovaSol HD

NovaSol HD is a heavy-duty solvent-based cleaner and degreaser. It is designed to remove heavily soiled hydrocarbon foulants like oils, greases, bitumen tar, waxes, and cokes. It also effectively cuts through external environmental contaminants such as soils, mud, road film and natural tars. The product’s effectiveness as both a cleaner and degreaser makes it a single-step process for removing even the toughest grime and oils.


Features and Benefits

  • NovaSol HD is safer to handle than many hazardous solvents and caustic cleaners
  • Non-flammable
  • Low odour and toxicity
  • It has a high flash point allowing you to clean and degrease even on hot surfaces
  • Unlike other products, which may require extended soak times, NovaSol HD is specially formulated to penetrate even the most stubborn hydrocarbon deposits quickly
  • NovaSol HD is ready to use and applied as is, there is no need for additional blending
  • NovaSol HD easily rinses clean, leaving little to no residue behind