Acidic Coil Cleaner & Degreaser

When your coils become fouled with dirt, grease, soil residue, dust, leaves, insects or other contaminants, the designed heat exchange is significantly reduced and your operating costs increase exponentially. Cleaning your coils at least twice a year with RYDALL CC will restore your heat exchanger, reduce your energy consumption, and extend the useful life of your equipment.

RYDALL CC is a biodegradable Coil Cleaner specifically designed to clean the toughest dirt, grease and soil residues from air-exposed surfaces of critical cooling or heating equipment.

Our Coil Cleaner safely cleans and brightens air-cooled condensers, permanent air filters, evaporator coils, window mounted air conditioning units and any other finned cooling/heating coils or equipment.

It is non-corrosive, non-hazardous and biodegradable. This means that RYDALL CC will not corrode or tarnish aluminum or other metal surfaces, is safe for the user, and can be safely disposed of down normal drains.

RYDALL CC is applied as a non-foaming spray or through a foaming applicator to penetrate deep into the coil beds. This makes our product the most versatile coil cleaner available and eliminates the need to carry multiple products to accomplish one simple job.