Cleaner, Degasser & Degreaser

RYDALL VP is a biodegradable cleaner/degreaser specifically designed for refinery process vessel cleaning and degassing. This revolutionary product reduces downtime, labour and water required for cleaning and degassing storage tanks and refinery process equipment. In addition, you can significantly reduce downtime by getting the unit online faster.

RYDALL VP can be applied in circulation or vapor phase applications.

In vapor phase applications, RYDALL VP will remove oil, gas, LEL, H2S and benzene – with the added benefit of cleaning up to 70% of the hydrocarbon deposits in a single administration. When applied, steam saturated with vapor phase RYDALL VP condenses on any hydrocarbon residue, coating vessel walls, and increasing the temperature of the residue. Once the residue is heated, vapor phase RYDALL VP will continue penetrating and condense on the metal vessel surface, wetting it. Hydrocarbon residues can then be easily flushed away.

All vapors, gases, and other volatile components will be carried out through steam venting, usually to the low point drains and plant flare header. The remaining hydrocarbon residues and sludge that accumulate in the bottom of the vessel will be emulsified by the steam condensate and vapor phase RYDALL VP that also runs down to the bottom.

RYDALL VP is a fast and effective formulation of surfactants that is safe for you, your equipment and the environment. It is the safest and most cost-effective cleaning and degassing technology. 

Typical applications for vapor phase cleaning with RYDALL VP include:

  • Preheaters
  • Vacuum Units
  • Crude Heat Exchangers
  • Flare Lines
  • Transfer Lines
  • Fractionator Units
  • Sulphur Recovery Units
  • Knock Out Drums

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