NovaClear 5000 Series

Sludge Dewatering & Water Clarifiers
Dry Polycarylamide (DPAM)

Novamen’s NovaClear 5000 Series is a full lineup of dry-powder flocculants for water treatment and in particular, sludge dewatering. In sludge dewatering, two key parameters are extremely important for the selection of the correct grade of dry-powder flocculant:

(a) Charge density of the sludge, and
(b) Molecular weight that best suited for shear resistance of the flocs

NovaClear 5000 Series products are differentiated by molecular weight and charge density. Charge density can range from 0-100%. Molecular weight can range from 1-20 million Daltons. The products are free of nonylphenol and all nonionic and anionic powder flocculants contain less than 500 ppm acrylamide residuals.


Thickening the sludge with the aid of mechanical equipment can be best achieved with the right selection of organic flocculant. The sludge consists of destabilized particles and varies a lot depending on the source and nature. On the other hand, organic flocculants which have a very high molecular weight and varied ionic charge can increase the sludge particle size in the aqueous phase. This step is called the flocculation with solids or flocs build-up that can be easily eliminated during the dewatering step.

  • Cationic flocculants are effective in water clarification and sludge dewatering for oily sludge from tank bottoms and any industrial wastewaters.
  • Anionic flocculants are recommended with the use of inorganic coagulants for the effectiveness of a wide range of sludge conditions.


It should be appreciated that the sludges consist mainly of water and that dewatering is the first and most important requirement in sludge processing. The cost of treating the sludge, particularly for crude oil tank bottoms and industrial wastewaters, is a major component of the total cost of treatment, and the effects of the final disposal methods and return flows from sludge treatment can have significant implications for proceeding processes. Together with the right selection of organic flocculant can result in a lower overall cost in sludge dewatering and water clarification for oilfields and oilsands facilities. At the treating facilities, on-site bottle testing or jar testing with a fresh sample of sludge is recommended for the screening of NovaClear 5000 Series products.