Novasol 4000 Series

Wax & Asphaltine Controls

NOVASOL 4000 offers a single source solution to crude oil handling problems caused by paraffin and asphaltene deposits. It is a solvent, dispersant, crystal modifier and inhibitor all in one.

NOVASOL 4000 removes significantly more paraffin and asphaltene than traditional solvents. It also keeps suspended paraffin/asphaltene in solution longer and inhibits their deposition through its crystal modifier effects.

The special blend of aromatic and aliphatic solvents with primary amines significantly increases the solvency effects of the product. Its superb solvency effects allow the product to remove substantially more paraffin/asphaltene and give the oil a higher saturation point. It also is designed to keep significantly more dissolved paraffin and asphaltene in solution.

In addition, when the chemical is continuously present in the oil, the crystal modifier hinders the precipitation and deposition of paraffin and asphaltene, which prevents the problem from reoccurring further down the line.

NOVASOL 4000 demonstrates a superior ability to free the production formation of restricting paraffin/asphaltene deposits when used down hole in a continuous treatment. Doing so allows well production to return to and maintain optimal production levels.

NOVASOL 4000 helps maintain increased production for extended periods by removing more paraffin/asphaltene and inhibiting its re-deposition. The chemical may be used the same way you are currently using other solvent-based chemicals to treat paraffin/asphaltene (batch treating, squeeze jobs, continuous injection, use with hot oiling, etc.).

NOVASOL 4000 approaches the wax problem from multiple angles to remove more wax and asphaltene and to keep it removed for a longer period in the entire production system.

NOVASOL 4000 is available in drums, totes and in bulk.